Welcome to the Birds of Mars

This is the best place to check for the latest information regarding upcoming performances, record releases, video production, and related projects. To contact Birds of Mars, please e-mail Chris Gentes at chrisgentesart at gmail.com.

The Birds of Mars Ensemble specialize in performing spontaneously created musical soundtracks over projected videos (created specifically for the ensemble). Since their earliest performances in 2016 the ensemble has consistently pushed the boundaries of musical invention.

The Ensemble

T. Twilite – Lyricist, vocals, percussion, harp
A. Fever – Guitar, electronics, noise
J. Gipe – EWI, synths, gear
C. Gentes – Sax, synths, keys
R. Chaffee – Washtub bass
W. Ridabock – flute, percussion, electronics
Gundy – Guitar, electronics